Financial targets

Volati’s overall goal is to generate long-term value growth by building an industrial group of profitable companies with solid cash flows and capacity for continuous development.

The Board has adopted the following long-term financial targets, which should be evaluated as a whole:

  1. EBITA growth: The target is average annual growth in EBITA per ordinary share of at least 15 percent over a business cycle.
  2. Return on adjusted equity: The long-term target is a return on adjusted equity* of 20 percent.
  3. Capital structure: The target is a net debt/adjusted EBITDA* ratio of 2 to 3 times as an average over the last four quarters, and not exceeding 3.5 times.

What we look for

We are constantly looking for new acquisitions, both add-on acquisitions to existing business units and acquisitions that can form new business units within Volati.

Our business areas

Volati is an industrial group organised in two business areas: Salix Group and Industry.

Interim report Q1

Volati presents Interim Report January – March 2022

For investors

We provide investors, analysts and other stakeholders with clear and current financial information.