Personal responsibility and reporting procedures in the event of violation

  • If an employee has questions related to practical situations (e.g. giving or receiving of gifts/favours, or conflicts of interest), the immediate manager should be consulted in the first instance. If an employee suspects behaviour that deviates from the Code of Conduct, this should be reported to the immediate manager as soon as possible. If the latter is involved or otherwise disqualified, the incident should be reported to the next-highest manager or in accordance with the reporting instruction for the company concerned. An employee who suspects behaviour that deviates from the Code of Conduct can always contact Volati’s CEO regarding the incident.

  • Anyone who suspects behaviour that deviates from Volati’s or a business unit’s Code of Conduct but feels doubtful about this or fears harassment or other retaliation, the Whistleblower function, WhistleB, can be used as an alternative way of reporting the violation.

  • All reports shall be taken seriously and investigated where necessary. There shall be no form of retaliation (termination, harassment, discrimination etc.) for reporting in good faith deviations from the Code of Conduct or participation in the company’s investigation of a complaint.

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Sustainability is an important building block in Volati’s ambition to create long-term value over time.

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Sustainability is a key cornerstone

To continue growing and maintaining long-term competitiveness, sustainability must be integrated in everything we do. The sustainability report describes the sustainability efforts of Volati and its business units.

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