Board of Directors

Patrik Wahlén

Chairman of the Board since 2018, Board member 2005-2017. Born 1969.

Education: Business and Economics studies at Lund University.

Other assignments: Deputy Board member of Italo Invest AB (and subsidiaries of Italo Invest AB) and Wahlén & Partner AB.

Background: Patrik founded Volati in 2003 together with Karl Perlhagen. He has previously worked for Kemira Group and Ernst & Young Management Consulting AB.

Shareholding in the Company: 19,356,283 ordinary shares.

Karl Perlhagen

Chairman of the Board 2005-2017, Board member since 2018. Born 1970.

Education: Business and Economics studies at Lund University.

Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of Fridhem Fastighetsutveckling AB and Ullna Golf AB, Board member of Italo Invest AB (and assignments in subsidiaries of Italo Invest AB) and KPVS Holding AB.

Background: Karl founded Volati in 2003 together with Patrik Wahlén, having previously founded Cross Pharma AB.

Shareholding in the Company: 34,461,500 ordinary shares and 300,174 preference shares (through companies).

Björn Garat

Board member since 2015. Born 1975.

Education: B.Sc., International Economics, Linköping University.

Other assignments: CFO and Deputy CEO at AB Sagax (and assignments in subsidiaries of AB Sagax), Board member of Fastighetsbolaget Emilshus AB and Manolo Holding AB, and Deputy Board member of LMG Distribution Aktiebolag and Paco Holding AB.

Background: Partner and Head of Corporate Finance at Remium Nordic AB and financial analyst. CFO and Deputy CEO at AB Sagax since 2012.

Shareholding in the Company: 60,000 ordinary shares.

Christina Tillman

Board member since 2016. Born 1968.

Education: Master of Business Administration at Stockholm University.

Other assignments: Acting CEO of Hunter Sales i Stockholm AB, Chairman of the Board of NF11 Holding AB, Board member of Corem Property Group AB, Grimaldi Industri AB, MBRS AB, Deputy Board member of Kattvik Financial Services AB, Stocksunds Financial Management AB and Stocksund Financial Services AB.

Background: Christina’s previous roles include CEO of Odd Molly and CEO of Gudrun Sjödén Design.

Shareholding in the Company: 2,000 ordinary shares and 300 preference shares.

Louise Nicolin

Board member since 2016. Born 1973.

Education: M.Sc. Engineering, Uppsala University, eMBA, Stockholm University, and International Directors Programme at INSEAD.

Other assignments: Board member of VBG Group AB (publ), Enzymatica AB, Seafire AB (publ), Atterviks Bil AB and Optinova Holding AB.

Background: Since 2011, Louise has run Nicolin Consulting AB, focusing on business development and quality assurance. Previously worked as Business Unit Manager and Consultant Manager at PlantVision AB.

Shareholding in the Company: 12,042 ordinary shares.

Anna-Karin Celsing

Board member since 2018. Born 1962.

Education: MBA, Stockholm School of Economics.

Other assignments: Board member of Carnegie Investment Bank, Landshypotek Bank AB, Lannebo Fonder AB, OX2 Group and Castellum AB. Tim Bergling Foundation, Stiftelsen Beckmans Designhögskola.

Background: Head of Investor Relations at Swedbank, Head of Communications at Ratos, Board member of Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Chairman of the board of Sveriges Television AB. Various advisory roles and directorships within strategy, finance and corportate governance.

Shareholding in the Company: 10,000 ordinary shares and 1,000 preference shares.

Magnus Sundström

Board member since 2018. Born 1954.

Education: M.Sc., Industrial Economics, Linköping University.

Other assignments: CEO and owner of 1909 Gruppen AB and joint owner (50%) of B2B IT-Partner AB.

Background: Board member and Chairman of Tricorona AB.

Shareholding in the Company: 634,758 ordinary shares and 29,739 preference shares through associated company.

Senior executives

Andreas Stenbäck

CEO since 2021. Born 1979.

Education: M.Sc. in Engineering and Business Management from the Royal Institute of Technology and a B.Sc, in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University.

Other assignments: -

Background: Andreas comes most recently from his role as Volati CFO. He has previously worked at Keystone Advisers and MCF Corporate Finance.

Shareholding in the Company: 2 800 ordinary shares and purchase option for 936,679 ordinary shares.

Martin Aronsson

CFO since 2021. Born 1980.

Education: Master of Science in Engineering from Linköping University of Technology and bachelor´s degree from Linköping University.

Other assignments: -

Background: Martin has previously worked at Sweco and McKinsey & Company.

Shareholding in the Company: Purchase option for 310,631 ordinary shares.

Martin Hansson

Chief Executive Officer Business Area Salix Group since 2021. Born 1975.

Education: Law degree, University of Gothenburg.

Other assignments:

Background: For the past 4.5 years, Martin has worked at the German holding company Maxingvest and before that at IKEA for 17 years.

Shareholding in the Company: 10,404 ordinary shares and 568,697 shares in Salix Group, and 998,530 purchase options in Salix Group.

Nicklas Margård

Head of Business Area Industry since 2017. Born 1969.

Education: Studied Economics at Lund University. MBA Studies at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Other assignments: -

Background: Nicklas was CEO of Besikta Bilprovning between 2014–2017 and has served on the Board of Tornum since 2005. Nicklas previously worked as CEO of John Bean Technologies AB and was also responsible for Asia at JBT FoodTech.

Shareholding in the Company: 170,000 ordinary shares, and 2 percent of the shares in Industry’s parent company Volati Industri.

Rikard Ahlin

Head of Business Area Ettiketto Group since 2022. Born 1976.

Education: Engineering degree from Lund University (LTH, Faculty of Engineering).

Other assignments:

Background: Rikard has worked in several roles within sales, production and operations within the Ettiketto Group since 1998 and took over as CEO in 2016.

Shareholding in the Company: 2,500 ordinary shares and 4 percent of the shares in Ettiketto Group.



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Interim report Q3

Volati presents Interim Report January – September 2022.

New business area

Ettiketto Group has reached such a size that it will now be an independent business area within Volati.


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