Insider holdings and trades

Holdings Board of Directors and management

Other holdings

Insider ownerPositionHoldings
Martin Hansson Other position 568 697 shares in Salix Group and 998 530 options in Salix Group.
Nicklas Margård Other position 2 percent of the shares in Industry’s parent company Volati Industri
Rikard Ahlin Other position 4 percent of the shares in Ettiketto Group.



Sustainability is an important building block in Volati’s ambition to create long-term value over time.

Annual report 2022

2022 was an eventful and successful year for Volati.

Interim report Q4

Volati presents Interim Report January–December 2023

Annual report

Read about Volati’s world in our annual report

In the annual report, you can read more about Volati's value-creating business model and how we work long-term with organic development through a focus on competence and leadership. In total, we completed six acquisitions in 2022, which together added over SEK 800 million in annual revenue and strengthen our existing platforms through positive synergies.

Andreas Stenbäck, CEO Volati.

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