Our staff

Volati is made up of a cohesive team of staff with extensive expertise.

You can find out more here about the people who work at Volati.

Patrik Wahlén

Founder, Chairman and Chairman of the Investment Committee.

Email: patrik.wahlen@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)70-699 96 76

Patrik holds a degree in economics from Lund University and founded Volati in 2003 together with Karl Perlhagen. Patrik has previously worked at Kemira and Ernst & Young Management Consulting AB.

Achievements: Two Vasalopp races, three Lidingölopp races, three marathons and one TjurRuset race.

Karl Perlhagen

Founder and Board Member

Email: karl.perlhagen@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)70-869 99 77

Karl founded Volati in 2003 together with Patrik Wahlén. Karl holds a degree in economics from Lund University and has previously founded Cross Pharma AB.

Achievements: Twelve Vasalopp races, nine Lidingölopp races, two Swedish Classic races, five marathons and one TjurRuset race.

Andreas Stenbäck

Chief Executive Officer

Email:  andreas.stenback@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)708-890 960

Andreas holds a degree in M.Sc. in Engineering and Business Management from the Royal Institute of Technology and a B.Sc, in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University. He has previously worked at Keystone Advisers and MCF Corporate Finance. Andreas started working at Volati in 2019.

Achievements: Three marathons, one Lidingölopp race, and five half marathons.

Martin Aronsson


Email: martin.aronsson@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)70-741 20 12

Martin has previously worked at Sweco and McKinsey & Company. Master of Science in Engineering from Linköping University of Technology and bachelor´s degree from Linköping University.

Achievements: One Swedish classic

Martin Hansson

Chief Executive Officer Business Area Salix Group

Email: martin.hansson@salixgroup.se

Cell: +46 (0)73-345 12 25

For the past 4.5 years, Martin has worked at the German holding company Maxingvest and before that at IKEA for 17 years. Martin has a law degree from the University of Gothenburg.

Achievements: 1 Swedish classic, 1 marathon and a few half marathons, including one on the Great Wall of China.

Nicklas Margård

Head of Business Area Industry

Email: nicklas.margard@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)76-200 85 78

Nicklas has worked as CEO of Besikta Bilprovning since 2014 and has served on the board at Tornum since 2005. Nicklas has previously worked as CEO of John Bean Technologies AB and has also been responsible for Asia at JBT FoodTech.

Achievements: One Vasalopp race and two half marathons

Rikard Ahlin

Chief Executive Officer Business Area Ettiketto Group

Email: ran@ettiketto.se

Cell: +46(0)70-883 69 30

Rikard has worked in several roles within sales, production and operations within the Ettiketto Group since 1998 and took over as CEO in 2016. Rikard has an engineering degree from Lund University (LTH, Faculty of Engineering).

Achievements: A half marathon

Linda Lönnerstam

Office Assistant

Email: linda.lonnerstam@volati.se

Phone: +46 (0)8-21 68 40

Cell: +46 (0)70-299 72 97

Linda holds a degree in Hospitality Management Diploma from Gothenburg International Hospitality College.
She has held a number of positions as a manager in different departments in the hospitality industry.
She has previously worked as a Front office manager at Clarion Collection Hotel Wellington in Stockholm.

Achievements: -

Ann Lindström

Consolidated accounts manager

Email: ann.lindstrom@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)73-055 12 49

Ann holds a degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm University. She has previously worked at Assa Abloy AB and Invik & Co. Ann started working at Volati in 2010.

Achievements: One K15 Lidingölopp race and one Milspåret race.

Cecilia Stöhr

Accounting economist

Email: cecilia.stohr@volati.se

Cell: -46 (0)72 – 222 99 87

Cecilia has a degree in economics from Stockholm University and has worked as a group controller in several different industries, both as an employee and as a consultant. Cecilia has been a hired consultant since 2021.

Achievements: 4 tjejmilen

Petronella Ehrlund

Accounting economist

Email: petronella.ehrlund@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)704-86 73 24

Petronella has a master's degree from Borås University and experience from various roles in finance and accounting in several industries.

She has previously worked as a consultant at Transcom AB and Brightstar 20:20 (SWE) AB, among others. Petronella started working at Volati in 2020.

Achievements: Three marathons

Ingrid Hjort

Business development

Email: ingrid.hjort@volati.se

Cell: +46 (0)73-096 15 53

Ingrid has a master's degree in finance and a bachelor's degree in economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. She has previously worked at SEB Private Equity and PwC Corporate Finance. Ingrid started at Volati 2021.

Achievements: Stafettvasan



Volati's core values are based on that acting responsibly is a prerequisite for our common future.

Interim report Q2

Volati presents Interim Report January – June 2022.

New business area

Ettiketto Group has reached such a size that it will now be an independent business area within Volati.


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