Industry business area

The Industry business area consists of four businesses with leading market positions in their own niches. The businesses are manufac- turing suppliers of solutions in various sectors - grain handling, moisture and water damage restoration, infrastructure for telecom and lighting, and stone and cement products for infrastructure, paving and roofing.

The businesses have shown rapid growth with a clear focus on long-term value creation. In the businesses, Volati has created strong platforms with potential for continued growth through competence enhancement and value-creating add-on acquisitions.

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Nicklas Margård

Head of Business Area Industry


Cell: +46 (0)76-200 85 78

Our Business units

Products and solutions for dealing with water damage, moisture and radon.


Besides selling products and solutions, Corroventa has Europe's largest rental park of water damage management equipment for emergency situations and floods. Customers include remediation companies, insurance companies and construction companies in ten markets in Europe.


Joined Volati in 2007

CEO: Per Ekdahl

Number of employees: 62

Percentage of the business area’s sales 2021: 11%

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A supplier of infrastructure, primarily in the form of masts, towers and mounting solutions for telecom.


MAFI is a global market-leading supplier of fastening solutions for telecom equipment and solar panels.

Scanmast is a leading Nordic supplier of mast and tower infrastructure for telecom, lighting and surveillance, and pipeline bridges for the industrial and transportation sectors.


Joined Volati in: MAFI 2022 / Scanmast 2021

CEO: Andreas Westholm

Number of employees: 47 / 82

Percentage of the business area’s sales 2021: n.a. / 6%


Supplier of concrete and natural stone products for infrastructure, paving, roofing and water & sewage systems.


S:t Eriks is a leading Swedish supplier whose products are used primarily in infrastructure projects and landscape architecture. The majority of the company's sales are to professional customers such as infrastructure and construction contractors in Sweden and Norway, complemented with sales through builders' merchants.


Joined Volati in 2018

CEO: Tomaz Lewander

Number of employees: 548

Percentage of the business area’s sales 2021: 41%

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A leading supplier of grain handling equipment for the agricultural and grain industry.


Tornum Group is a leading, global supplier of equipment and facilities for grain handling, animal feed, biomass and pulp. The offer includes, e.g. dryers for grain and biomass, silos, transport equipment, reactors, pelletizing machines. In addition to this, Tornum Group offers industry-leading control systems that puts user-friendliness and productivity in focus. The customers consist of farmers, cooperatives and industrial customers in 15 markets in Western and Eastern Europe and in South America.


Joined Volati in 2004

CEO: Nicklas Margård (Acting CEO)

Number of employees: 171

Percentage of the business area’s sales 2021: 21%

Nicklas Margård (Tf.)

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Volati's core values are based on that acting responsibly is a prerequisite for our common future.

Interim report Q3

Volati presents Interim Report January – September 2022.

New business area

Ettiketto Group has reached such a size that it will now be an independent business area within Volati.


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We are constantly looking for new acquisitions, both add-on acquisitions to existing companies and acquisitions that can form new business units within Volati. Our focus is on well-managed companies with leading market positions and strong cash flows.

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