Competence and leadership

Industry-leading expertise at all levels is a sustainable competitive advantage.

A key success factor for Volati is that the Group's businesses have access to the right expertise, and that employees are continuously developed and supported to reach their full potential. Through strategic work on competence and leadership in combination with an active ownership, we also want to establish Volati as an attractive employer for current as well as new talent. We want to provide our businesses with the best conditions to thrive. Therefore, employees are offered competence development in various areas through Group-run programs and training, which also create opportunities to build relationships and exchange experiences among the companies.

Volati Academy is a one-year leadership programme aimed at employees at management group level and other key personnel in the Group. During the programme, which is led by Volati's management group, participants perform common assignments linked to value creation in the Group. They also carry out their own work aimed at developing their own operations, which is presented to each board. The main purpose is to develop each participant and create a sense of togetherness between Volati's companies and their leaders, by creating a deeper understanding of Volati's history, culture and way of working.

Volati Knowledge is a collective name for the skills development initiatives we run at Volati. This is about nurturing best practice within the Group and adding new expertise and tools. Through our educational initatives in purchasing, acquisitions and sustainability, we foster continuous learning within the organization, leading to competence development for our employees and overall organizational growth. We regularly conduct trainings in each respective area.

The Volati Management Meeting is held every two years as an opportunity for the units' management and key personnel to meet at a three-day conference. The conference includes workshops and lectures focusing on selected areas. It also serves as a platform to address important shared issues within the Group and to create networks promoting collaboration between individuals from the Group's different companies.



Sustainability is an important building block in Volati’s ambition to create long-term value over time.

Annual report 2023

2023 marks Volati’s 20th anniversary.

Interim report Q1

Volati presents Interim report January–March 2024.

Annual report

Read about Volati’s world in our annual report

In the annual report, you can read more about Volati's value-creating business model and how we work long-term with organic development through a focus on competence and leadership. In total, we completed fiveacquisitions in 2023, which together added over SEK 600 million in annual revenue and strengthen our existing platforms through positive synergies.

Andreas Stenbäck, CEO Volati.

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