Separate listing of Bokusgruppen

In February, the Board of Volati asked management to evaluate a possible distribution, and a separate listing, of Volati’s shares in Bokusgruppen.

The purpose is to provide Bokusgruppen with better conditions to increase its growth-oriented work and to make Bokusgruppen’s values visible to stakeholders. The distribution will also provide Volati with better conditions for an increased focus on organic development with maintained high growth rate – not least through platform acquisitions.

The material that has been published to the market and refers to a separate listing of Bokusgruppen is presented below.

Information Brochure

On 28 April 2021, the Annual General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the Board of Directors' proposal, to distribute Volati's shares in Bokusgruppen to shareholders of ordinary shares in Volati. Following the resolved dividend, Bokusgruppen will apply for listing of Bokusgruppen's shares on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market.

Further information regarding the proposed distribution of the shares in Bokusgruppen is available in the form of an information brochure.

The Board of Bokusgruppen has also decided on a dividend policy and financial targets, which are included in the information brochure.


The distribution and listing of Bokusgruppen will create two separate companies – Volati and Bokusgruppen – with clear investment profiles. See the investor presentation for further details and descriptions of both businesses.

Capital Markets Update on 18 March and Q&A on 22 March

During the Capital Markets Update on 18 March, Maria Edsman, CEO of Bokusgruppen, and Jane Jangenfeldt, CFO of Bokusgruppen, gave a longer presentation. Maria stated that Bokusgruppen has a clear plan for increased growth in digital channels through continued investments. Bokusgruppen’s market share in e-commerce increased in 2020 and in total digital channels accounted for 44 percent of sales. The company sees significant digital potential with its 44 million online visits per year and 2 million members in its loyalty program. Watch the recording of the update here: Capital Markets Update.

During the live Q&A session on 22 March, Maria and Jane summarize the Capital Market Update and answer the audience’s questions. Watch the recording of the Q&A here: Q&A .

Information to shareholders of ordinary shares in Volati

Volati's Board of Directors have decided that the record date for the distribution of Bokusgruppen's shares will be 1 June 2021. The first day for trading in Bokusgruppen is expected to be Friday 4 June 2021. Bokusgruppen's shares will be traded under the short name BOKUS with ISIN-code SE0016074256. See the information sheet that was sent to shareholders of ordinary shares for further information.

Company description Bokusgruppen

Bokusgruppen's company description was published on 27 May.

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