Bond program 5 december 2017

ISIN-code: SE0010547042

The bond program:

Update on 29 April, 2021

Volati hereby gives conditional notice about early redemption of all its outstanding bonds. The redemption is conditional upon the completion of the distribution of all of Volati’s shares in Bokusgruppen AB to the shareholders of ordinary shares in Volati, as resolved by the Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2021. The redemption date is 11 June 2021 and the record date for the early redemption will be 4 June 2021, i.e. five business days prior to the redemption date.

What we look for

We are constantly looking for new acquisitions, both add-on acquisitions to existing business units and acquisitions that can form new business units within Volati.

Our business areas

Volati is an industrial group organised in two business areas: Salix Group and Industry.

Interim report Q1

Volati presents Interim Report January – March 2022

For investors

We provide investors, analysts and other stakeholders with clear and current financial information.