People and Development

We at Volati firmly believe that a company’s long-term success is based on individuals with a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Teams characterised by diversity and inclusion stimulate innovation, improve decision-making and attract top talent. As a responsible owner, it is important for us to promote differences in order to realise our employees’ potential.

Volati has stakeholders from different cultures and backgrounds, both in its Swedish operations and through business units, customers and suppliers in other countries. The ability to interact with and manage our stakeholders in the right way is important and requires a diversified workforce that reflects the society in which we operate. This helps ensure strong skills supply, thereby safeguarding Volati’s long-term competitiveness. Volati has a Group-wide HR policy that all business units are required to follow, as a minimum level. The policy establishes the equal value of all people and stipulates that Volati and the business units must ensure fair conditions between individuals and groups. No-one should suffer discrimination or victimisation, and each business unit must have guidelines and instructions describing how to act should this occur.

The chairs and CEOs of the business units are responsible for equality efforts. Equality is an integrated part of HR. As part of the annual work, an equality analysis must be conducted, including a current status description, challenges, priorities, measures and follow-up. Volati also ensures an equality perspective in its Group-wide skills development programmes: Volati Academy, Volati Knowledge and Volati Management Program.

We have been working on our equality processes in recent years. Although progress has been made, we still have plenty of work left to do before being satisfied. This regards all aspects of equality such as formulation of strategic HR initiatives and selection of candidates, processes and suppliers. For the Group-wide programmes, our stated ambition is to recruit and engage a significant proportion of women. An annual evaluation of the companies’ equality work is conducted by Volati’s management and reported to the Board.

Our annual report contains more information on how Volati and our business units work with values.


Volati skills development

‘It is crucial to Volati’s success that the Group’s companies have access to the right expertise, both at management level and in key positions.’

Strategic HR support

It is crucial to Volati’s success that the Group’s companies have access to the right expertise, both at management level and in key positions, and that experts are continuously developed and supported to reach their full potential. Through our HR work, we also aim to establish Volati as an attractive group that draws the best talent. We address this through three main areas: the Volati Management Program, the Volati Academy and the Volati Management Meeting.

Volati Management Program

Under the Volati Management Program, we recruit individuals with university or college degrees and a few years’ relevant professional experience. The programme covers areas such as strategy, leadership and Volati’s values. During the programme, the participants rotate between Volati and at least two business units. The programme attracts many qualified candidates and gives the Group’s business units access to individuals they might otherwise have found it difficult to attract.

Volati Academy

The Volati Academy is an 12-month leadership programme aimed at employees at management team level in the business units. Participants attend both internal and external lectures. The aims of the programme are twofold: to strengthen participants’ expertise in areas such as financial analysis, strategy and leadership, and to establish a common vision for these areas in all of Volati’s business units.

Volati Management Meeting

The Volati Management Meeting is held every two years as an opportunity for the business units’ management and key personnel to meet at a three-day conference. The conference includes workshops and lectures focusing on selected areas. It also serves as a platform to address important shared issues within the Group and to create networks promoting collaboration between individuals from the Group’s different companies.

Knowledge and tools for business development

Volati supports its business units by providing them with expertise and tools to improve their business processes. This is achieved by means of the Volati Knowledge concept, which is aimed at harnessing best practice within the Group’s business units and adding new expertise and tools. Under the Volati Knowledge concept, we have conducted a number of Group-wide results improvement programmes, which combine training with implementation of new working methods in the business units in areas such as purchasing, pricing and digitisation of activities. In many cases, these initiatives have lead to directly quantifiable results in the business units. In addition to the programmes, there are also training sessions, workshops and talks by experts in selected areas.

Vacancies in the Volati Group

If you're interested in working in the Volati Group, we suggest you visit the websites of the business units and contact our subsidiaries directly if something grabs your interest.

Our business areas

Volati Management Program

The Volati Management Program is an 18-month development programme where the participants are pre-assigned placements in a company in one of the Group's business units. The programme covers areas such as strategy, leadership and Volati's values, and the participants rotate between Volati and at least two business units. The initiative attracts many qualified candidates and ensures high skills supply within the group.

Meet our VMPers

The Volati Management Program (VMP) started in 2015, and 19 people have now either completed the programme or are currently enrolled in it. Alumni of the programme have gone on to take exciting roles in the Volati Group, and they meet through the network forum VMP Alumni.

Our current VMPers started their programme in the autumn of 2022.

Amalia Larsson Hurtig, Mattias Karlsson and Lisa Lenberg.
Amalia Larsson Hurtig, Mattias Karlsson and Lisa Lenberg.

Apply for the Volati Management Program

Are you an economist or engineer with 1–3 years of professional experience as a management consultant or equivalent? Do you want to fast-track your career to a management team role?

The Volati Management Program 2023 runs for 18 months starting from September 2023 and is divided into three project placements: two six-month periods at two of our fifteen business units and six months at Volati’s head office. In parallel with the project work in the business units, participants have opportunities for development in strategy and leadership. One of the two business units will be your company. The CEO of your company will be your mentor and you will continue in a leading position after completing the programme.

Tomorrow’s leaders – make a difference for yourself and others

At Volati we’ve always believed in the ability of individual high performing individuals to bring about change. That’s why we invest extensive time and resources in preparing you for the challenge ahead. You will play a key role in bringing your company to its full potential, as well as in the future development of Volati as a whole.

The Volati Management Program offers a unique opportunity to join the management team of one of our subsidiaries after completing the programme. This has become the reality for everyone who has completed the programme so far, who are currently active in companies with sales of several hundred million SEK.

Welcome to the Volati community!

We are seeking up to four people to take this exciting journey together. You will establish close connections with each other and be part of the Volati Management Program network of 19 people. Here you’ll have the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge under formal and informal conditions.

Are you who we’re looking for?

We at Volati know that ambitious, business-minded people come from a variety of backgrounds, both privately and professionally. With the utmost humility, we have summarised what we believe to be the right criteria to succeed with us.

We believe suitable candidates should:

  • Have a strong degree in economics or engineering.
  • Have 1–3 years of relevant professional experience in business development, e.g. as a management consultant, business analyst or similar.
  • Identify strongly with characteristics such as driven, self-motivated, loyal, analytical and social. Have a down-to-earth mindset, flexibility and an interest in business.


The next programme starts in autumn 2023, and we welcome applications on an ongoing basis to

For further information, please contact:

Ingrid Hjort +46 73 096 15 53 or

We look forward to receiving your application!



Volati's core values are based on that acting responsibly is a prerequisite for our common future.

Interim report Q4

Volati presents Interim Report January – December 2022.

New business area

Ettiketto Group has reached such a size that it will now be an independent business area within Volati.


Interested in selling to Volati?

We are constantly looking for new acquisitions, both add-on acquisitions to existing companies and acquisitions that can form new business units within Volati. Our focus is on well-managed companies with leading market positions and strong cash flows.

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