Senior executives

Andreas Stenbäck

CEO since May 2021. Born 1979.

Education: M.Sc. in Engineering and Business Management from the Royal Institute of Technology and a B.Sc, in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University.

Other assignments: -

Background: Andreas previously worked at Keystone Advisers and MCF Corporate Finance.

Shareholding in the Company: 2 800 ordinary shares and purchase option for 800,000 ordinary shares.

Håkan Karlström

Head of Business Area Salix Group since 2018. Born 1961.

Education: Business and Economics studies at Lund University.

Other assignments:

Background: Håkan has worked as CFO for business area Handel in 2015–2018, and since 1996 as CFO in the business area’s former ownership sphere.

Shareholding in the Company: 30,000 ordinary shares, 7,000 ordinary shares (through companies), 1060 preference shares (via pension insurance), 2 percent of the shares in Volati Handel.

Nicklas Margård

Head of Business Area Industry since 2017. Born 1969.

Education: Studied Economics at Lund University. MBA Studies at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Other assignments: Board member of Micvac AB.

Background: Nicklas was CEO of Besikta Bilprovning between 2014–2017 and has served on the Board of Tornum since 2005. Nicklas previously worked as CEO of John Bean Technologies AB and was also responsible for Asia at JBT FoodTech.

Shareholding in the Company: 170,000 ordinary shares, and 2 percent of the shares in Industry’s parent company Volati Industri.

Lars Ingman

CFO since May 2021. Born 1960.

Education: Economics studies at Uppsala University.

Other assignments: -

Background: Lars has previously worked as a CFO at, among other places Onemed AB, Cederroth AB, Evidensia Djursjukvård AB.

Shareholding in the Company: -

What we look for

We are constantly looking for new acquisitions, both add-on acquisitions to existing business units and acquisitions that can form new business units within Volati.

Our business areas

Volati is an industrial group organised in two business areas: Salix Group and Industry.

Interim Report Q2

Interim Report January-June 2021

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